Meet Betina: Our new home

Why an Airstream? First: riding in the car is the safest option for Avery. Ride-in RVs aren't crash-tested, and there is no place to securely install a carseat. Second: who wouldn't want to live in an iconic piece of Americana? 

Meet Betina ("good lady"): a 1973 Airstream Trade Wind

We set out to check out some new Airstreams and get a feel for what size we would realistically be able to tow without buying a gigantic pickup truck or Suburban. Shiny, new and modern, the new Airstreams were a retiree's dream. We wanted something a little different, something we could live in for an extended period of time and be reminded of the purpose of our trip. Gillian had the idea to find a vintage Airstream and renovate it to make it our own. 

We were surprised to learn that Santa Barbara is kind of a hot-bed of airstream renovation (Aluminum Valley, anyone?). Lucky for us, we came across Townsend Travel Trailers -- an Airstream renovation up-start, started by Thomas Townsend. Thomas found the listing for Betina and set off to Norco to pick her up and tow her back to the yard in SB. 

Renovations are already underway as Betina gets a bit of work done. More on that soon!

A shot of Betina getting picked up in Norco. Image credit: Townsend Travel Trailers

Fun fact: More than 70% of Airstreams ever made are still on the road today. Pretty incredible when you consider that they have been making Airstreams for 80 years! Demand has totally surged recently and the company has seen the strongest sales in 40 years.