We're mapped!

It was all very surreal this morning, particularly not having to immediately jump into our routine to get out the door and into the office. It was a very weird feeling knowing that our old lives were continuing just as we left them on Friday afternoon. We started pairing down our things-- albeit very slowly-- and Sean locked in our route using Batchgeo (and a very elaborate Excel spreadsheet): 

Some of the highlights of our trip include visiting friends and family, and checking out new cities (for potential relocation). It's hard to see on the map, but the list really runs the gamut from Los Angeles to Marfa, TX to Savannah, Ithaca, Nova Scotia, Boulder, Salt Lake City and Seattle. 

One of the biggest reactions we get from friends and family is, "Well that seems like A LOT of driving." And we get it: looking at this map, the distance kind of sinks in. But we've done a ton of planning and have been able to plan so that we'll drive no more than 6-8 hours every week (basically just 57 minutes a day, if you break it out). 

Have any suggestions on must-see places, spaces, or things? Leave us a note!